Art in the Life of Bill Smith

Bill developed a love of creating art when he was just a teenager. He was living at a Barnados home in Harrogate. At that time, he struggled with the more academic subjects, including reading, so he devoted his time to drawing.


In later years when he moved to the Princess Marina Centre in

Buckinghamshire, he restored the balance in his studies and his art had to take second place to his other studies.


Since moving to Milton Keynes, he has attended the Workshop in the Coffee Hall area of the city where he has the space, facilities and encouragement to work at his art. He has developed a specific style that is reminiscent of the famous artist Lowry.


His earlier subjects centred around the familiar environment in Buckinghamshire where he spent so many years. The distinctive buildings and setting of the private estate of Jordans could be clearly recognised. People that had been part of his life as he worked at Jordans filled the foregrounds of his pictures in true "Lowry matchstick menu style.


His more recent pictures have included as centrepieces famous landmark buildings including St Paul's Cathedral, The Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal. His current series of paintings is centred around some of the seven wonders of the ancient world. These include the Colossus at Rhodes and the Lighthouse at Alexandria.


Bill's cerebral palsy makes control of the movements of his arms and hands extremely difficult. He spends hours at his paintings with tremendous concentration to ensure that the shapes and lines are what he wants to achieve.


His work in this exhibition is evidence of that determination and commitment over the years, coupled with the real heart of a true artist.