Farewell to Judy!

On Monday June 18th2001, some of Judy Boyce's EDS colleagues joined her in an "event" to wish her well prior to her intended "repatriation" to Barbados later that month. Judy chose to ride in a stretch limo to the Blue Elephant Thai restaurant in Fulham Broadway, picking up the others on the way. The drive itself was hilarious as the driver hadn't a clue where he was going and we had to phone ahead to each person to get directions to their house! In all it took about two and a half hours to get from Hayes to Fulham, by which time most of us had sampled more than was good for us of the Champagne! The restaurant was excellent, though you had to be careful not to fall in the water and squash the Koi Carp. Even though it was a Monday, it was packed out! Fortunately, the driver enlisted the help of a colleague to guide us back so we reached Hayes at about 2.00 a.m., I think, though my memory is none too clear on that! A great time was had by all and we wish Judy many happy times in her new home.