At the 2005 AGM, Brian Douglas stepped down from the post of Secretary to the EDS Pensioners Association after many years of taxing work. Brian almost single-handedly started up the Association 11 years ago following his own retirement, and, ably assisted by Treasurer Eric Last, brought the Association to its current level of excellence and support. Over the years, Brian has cajoled and pleaded with EDS Human Resources staff to get funds and prizes for the benefit of the members. He has also forged excellent communications to keep us all informed of what is going on. However, he has decided that it is now time to give someone else the chance to take it on. We therefore thank Brian for all the effort he has put in for the benefit of us all and wish him all success in whatever activities he finds to fill the many hours spent working for the Association. *

Fortunately, Chris Gorton agreed to be nominated as his successor and was duly voted in by a show of hands. We wish Chris all the best in his attempts to match what Brian has done before.

We look forward this year to the possibilities of going to the races, going to the dogs, being barbequed, tripping down the Grand Union and relaxing at Warner's. What more can we ask? If you have any other ideas, contact the new secretary!

* Sadly, Brian died in early December 2006 after a long fight against illness. He will be missed by his family and his many friends, not least those in the Pensioners Association.