Barbeque September 16th 2001

Sunday September 16th was the occasion of a barbeque kindly organised by Julie and Mike Benson at their home in Clophill. It turned out to be an excellent event with superb food (no sign of burnt offerings) washed down with copious quantities of a selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. The weather, though less than tropical, was kind to us and the expected precipitation held off. The attendees, it must be admitted, were all ex-GMers, together with their spouses/partners. It was a great occasion for reminiscences and for getting up to speed with what everyone had been up to.

We all thank Julie and Mike for their hard work in putting on this event.

Perhaps foolishly, they volunteered to repeat the event next year - we all hope that they do so! The cameraman (yours truly) was, perhaps due to a surfeit of Chilean Cabernet-Sauvignon, not at his best, and ran out of film, thereby denying our most excellent hosts the chance of being exhibited here. If you look closely at the first picture you may, however, see Mike in

the conservatory talking to Henry Zuraweil, 99 percent of whose person is hidden behind the door jamb.So apologies to Julie, Mike and Henry!

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